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Swatch Internet Time


The Idea

Swatch Internet Time was a decimal time concept introduced in 1998 and marketed by the Swatch corporation as an alternative, decimal measure of time. One of the goals was to simplify the way people in different time zones communicate about time, mostly by eliminating time zones altogether.

Some years ago, I used to work for a large International company, and I know how hard to manage a proper time for a global conference call with many participants from all over the world, living in different time zones. Needless to say, I was hit by the idea of the planet-wide common time. And as a programmer I was ready to follow the concept of decimal measure of time.


There are several applications written by me to support the brilliant idea of the global decimal time. Feel free to use these application to implement the concept of the Internet Time on a web site, a desktop computer or a gadget.

.beats GNOME panel applet

.beats GNOME panel applet

Internet Time applet for GNOME desktop. Made with Ruby, Gtk+, Mozilla.

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.beats Hildon desktop applet

Maemo Linux Hildon .beats clock

Internet Time applet for Nokia Internet Tablets. Made with Ruby, Gtk+, Mozilla.

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Extended JavaScript Date class

I have written a library to extend functionality of JavaScript Date class with a couple of methods:

toInternetTime() returns time of a given date in .beats, a measure step of Swatch Internet Time format.

getDayOfYear() returns day of year for a given date, a continuous count of days from beginning of the year.

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.beatsClock jQuery plugin

A plugin for a popular JavaScript framework jQuery. Using this plugin you can turn any content-enabled HTML element to a JavaScript driven Internet Time clock.


Note: this plugin uses custom methods from extended JavaScript Date class.

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