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.beats applet for Maemo Hildon (Swatch Internet Time)

Nokia N800 .beats screenshot

.beats desktop applet for Nokia Internet Tablets running maemo Linux with Hildon desktop.

The applet comes with a configuration panel, thus is easy to customize. It takes only seconds, virtually, to choose another font face/size, adjust background/foreground colors and level of transparency to match your desktop theme.


Install the application from Maemo Application manager, just like any other application.

Applications button >
  Settings >
    Application manager >
      Browse installable applications >
        All >
         select beats-applet >

You also can install the application via secure shell if one is installed on your Nokia device. Login to your device with ssh, and run the following command as root:

# apt-get install beats-applet

After that enable the applet

Home >
  Select applets... >
    [x] Beats (Swatch Internet Time) >

Source files

Git repository in Maemo Garage