A home of miscellaneous projects by Paul Philippov.

CAD models for 3D printing

I create most of my 3D models in OpenSCAD. I include both .stl and .scad files, so you can make changes, if needed.

Ball head mount

A ball head mount to mount a fish-eye camera on the wall.

Token dispenser

A token/coin holder and dispenser. I use it to keep tokens for 5 gallon water bottle refills from Home Hardware. Use double-sided film to glue the dispenser in a convenient space, usually near exit door. Fill up with tokens, then use your middle finger to slide the bottom token out from the stack.

ER11 collets holder

ER11 collets holder with extra storage tray. Easily customizeable for your needs.

Endstop switch bracket for 3018 CNC

Endstop switch bracket for 3018 CNC with SK10 shaft support.

Optical endstop mount for 3KU K3000

Optical endstop holders for 3KU K3000 printer. Fit existing screws on printer’s top, just add some nuts to secure in place. You’ll also need six flat top screws and six nuts to secure sensors to the holders, and six flattop screws to secure triggers to pulleys (replacing existing shorter screws).

Sisyphus coffee table leg cap

Add felt pads to your Sisyphus Metal Table. You will need four of these leg caps and four 1” felt pads.

Meat grinder storage plate

Replacement storage plate for electric meat grinder. Fits many models. Can be easily customized to required size.

Filament storage solution for Sterilite 19L Gasket Box

Should fit Sterilite 20Qt/19L Gasket Box. In Canada, these are available from Walmart.

Replacement button for vacuum cleaner

Replacement canister holder clip for Beaudens Stick Broom Vacuum Cleaner. The original thing is brittle, and I had to glue it twice already. Then I decided to recreate it in ABS. It turned out better than I expected.