A home of miscellaneous projects by Paul Philippov.

Web Sites

Just Whispers (1998)

PHP, Perl, CSS, Javascript, WAP

Web platform for a financial consulting company. Stock quotes, financial market news and updates, data analysis, and forecasts.

German Rus (1998)


Website for Russian immigrants in Germany.

Altai Fido Network (1999)

PHP, MySQL, Perl, CSS, Javascript

Website of a regional branch of International non-commercial networking community Fido Network.

Altai2000 (2000)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Regional business portal for Altai region of Siberia, Russia.

Dimes Only Community (2000)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

One of the pioneering projects of what we know today as social networks. Dimes Only Community collected several hundred of thousands of users and was a competitor to such monsters as BlackPlanet and MySpace. After sudden death of its founder Dave Felton the Community stalled and then completely vanished from the Network.

Anteko (2001)


Corporate website for Anteko Company, Barnaul, Russia.

FSE Discount (2001)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

A website for Russian branch of International FSE discounting program. Web service provided its users full access to their assets and transactions log.

Alicom Computers (2002)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Corporate website for a computer company in Barnaul, Russia.

Altai State Television (2002)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Television station and broadcasting company in Barnaul, Russia. Real-time programming schedule with details on every program and personality.

APK Food / Centralny Ryad (2002)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Flash

Corporate website for APK Food company (Centralny Ryad Trade House) in Barnaul, Russia. B2B platform with wholesale ordering system for its clients.

Cape of Good Hope (2002)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Imagemagick

Yet another dating website. There was a booming time of dating websites, predecessors of modern social networking.

Konsib (2002)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript</i>

Corporate website for Konsib company, Barnaul, Russia.

SibMashDizel Factory (2002)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Corporate website for SibMashDizel (Siberian Diesel Machinery) factory.

Avto Bazar (2003)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Imagemagick, API

A car selling web platform.

Bako Electric (2003)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Corporate website for Bako company of Barnaul, Russia.

Cute Girls Only / Cute Guys Only (2003)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

A student-oriented friendship/dating/meet-up/community websites. Started as a campus project it gathered about 4000 registered members.

El Pachuco Hosting (2003)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

A hosting company web site.

Mexin Doors Russia (2003)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Corporate website for a Russian partner of Mexin Doors manufacturer, China.

Sistema Gorod (2003)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

A city-wide unified utilities payment system "Sistema Gorod" (The City System).

Dime Or Not (2004)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

A kind of rate-me social website.

Flint Photo Studio (2004)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, ImageMagick

Website for Flint Photo Studio in Barnaul, Russia. Clients could upload photos and order prints for later pick up.

Operativno.RU (2004)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Web store selling gifts, flowers, and beverages with delivery to another city.

STD - Start To Date (2004)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Dating website targeted to people having STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Elena Vorobei (2005)

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Flash

A personal web site for a Russian stand-up comedian Elena Vorobei. The project was created with great help of Ryan McDonough.

Holsteins Herz (2007)

Ruby on Rail, SQLite, Javascript

Website for non-profit projects of Segeberg-Storman region of Germany.

Comfort Stick (2009)

Ruby on Rails, SQLite, CSS (LeSS), Javascript (jQuery)

E-commerce B2C website.

Minielectric (2010)

Ruby on Rails, SQLite, CSS (LeSS), Javascript (jQuery)

Corporate website for Minielectrico, LLC in Toronto, ON, Canada.