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themactep’s Gentoo portage overlay

UPDATE: this page is more than 10 years old. Nothing of this may be true today.

I am a Gentoo GNU/Linux user, and sometimes I want to use software that is not available in the official Gentoo Portage tree. In such case I create my own unofficial ebuild for the package I need to install, and put it in this overlay.

How to use this overlay

To use my overlay on your system you need to install layman, if you don’t have it yet. After that, edit layman configuration file to append the overlay URL to the “overlays:” section, and finally add the overlay to the Portage tree.

$ sudo emerge -va layman
$ sudo layman -o '' -f -k -a themactep


None. If you decide to use this overlay, you do it at your own risk.

Help and Support

Ask (I am themactep on twitter,, github, gmail etc.) and you will be answered. Probably.

Hack and patch, and you will be praised.