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Wallpaper Clock


Wallpaper Clock is a script that builds a desktop wallpaper with recent date and time on it from a bundle of images. Such bundles used to be available from website, but seems the author had a change of heart since. I tried to contact him about the future of his project with no success.

Anyway, you can try to find Vlad’s old .wcz bundles online (these are nothing more than .zip files with a fancy extention), or use those from open source authors like Sakura from @scribblemaniac, or even create your own. See the Sakura theme for inspiration.

Wallpaper Clock


Make sure you have imagemagick and feh installed.

# for Debian based distros
sudo apt install imagemagick feh -y

Create a directory to store your themes. Default is ~/.cache/wclock

Unzip your themes into sub-directories like this


You can even organize them by sub-sub-directories if you wish.


Open file with a text editor and adjust settings to match your setup.

Run the script in a terminal to check if it works.


You should now have a nice wallpaper with recent time on it in ~/.cache/wclock/wallpaper.jpg file (imagemagick works), and on your desktop (feh works).

Create a cron job to run the script every minute.

$ crontab -e

## add this line
* * * * * DISPLAY=:0 /path/to/